Self Publishing Review - "A wild and wise journey through time, space and some of the most complex fields of modern science. Tetrastatum is like nothing you have ever read before. This is an impressive work of science fiction, introducing concepts that may become mainstream in the coming decades, weaving them into a compelling story with riveting characters, and challenging the status quo of what people understand about reality." SELF-PUBLISHING REVIEW, ★★★★


Book Viral Review - "Strikingly original and audaciously ambitious Dr Richard and Tim Smith have delivered a science fiction geeks smorgasbord of a novel! Intellectually stimulating and exciting at the same time, Tetrastatum invalidates time travelling tropes and clichés to take us on a journey that challenges the meaning of reality and the untapped realms of the human psyche. High on drama, with a superb array of characters and timely relishes of humor, if it’s one aim was to awe us into submission and concede our insignificance on a cosmic scale then Dr. Richard and Tim Smith have achieved this with ease. Exploring the metaphysics of time travel through space-time paradigm and the field of Psychothotonix this is hard science with a touch of the surreal and yet it always feels grounded in its own soberingly serious reality. Google the best time travel fiction and chances are you will be served a list of popular lightweight novels that fall sadly short of anything intellectually stimulating but Dr. Richard and Tim Smith achieve an impressive balancing act that not only entertains but remains true to science at its core. Science fiction at its best and accompanied by stunning ink illustrations by Krekeler, Tetrastatum is sure to be well received by readers with an interest in Quantum Theory and Philosophy Metaphysics and is recommended without reservation." —BOOKVIRAL REVIEWS


San Francisco Book Review – “Dr. Richard and Tim Smith use various narrative alignments with current U.S. political issues to construct a dramatically ironic socio-political criticism on the situation of the modern western world, which adds an ominous sense of foreboding in the subtext of the narrative. There are narrative elements that also align themselves with the classic style of comic books and the type of world in which they set themselves. Dr. Richard and Tim Smith’s style of writing is accentuated by Ken Krekeler’s accompanying ink illustrations of various characters from the story. Krekeler’s illustrations are strikingly hyperbolic, and perfectly compliment the caricatures within the story, adding to the parodical, superhero-esque world of Tetrastatum. The authors’ satirization of many of the characters feeds beautifully into this sense of comical humanization of fictional characters, whereby the reality of the known societal setting is distorted alongside the cryptic events of the narrative itself and, of course, the space-time continuum that is the central focus of the book. These recurring themes of characterization and distortion feed into the concern that is being voiced over the current state of our political climate and our consequent desire to escape the daunting future of our time and space. The layering of these themes is ultimately what gives Tetrastatum a relevance that will keep readers turning pages and asking questions. —SAN FRANCISCO BOOK REVIEW


Kirkus Review - "Authors Dr. Richard and Smith (which are pen names) tell their cerebral story with a heady mix of dense theory and absurdist humor. Sometimes, particularly when Tim is narrating, they manage to translate the science into intriguing vernacular: 'The brain fills in the blank spots….After working in this place for over four years, I can tell you with certainty there is a hell of a lot more out there that the brain is incapable of visually assimilating, yet exists.’" —KIRKUS REVIEWS


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